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Shared One Secured Linkcard credit card rating

If you are looking for a secured credit card, you might find that the Shared One Secured Linkcard is one of the better secured credit cards on the market. Depending on your credit, you could pay the lowest deposit offered by a secured credit card.


Shared One Secured Linkcard Perks

Capital One Secured Mastercard Perks

The Shared One Secured Linkcard does not pay any premiums on purchases unlike the Discover Secured Card, but that doesn’t mean it’s no less attractive.

Perhaps the best feature of the Shared One Secured Linkcard is the deposit. If you are familiar with secured credit cards then you know you will be able to use a credit card to pay a deposit against the credit limit.

The deposit goes into a savings account and serves as security in case you ever default on your credit card balance. If you do not default, the deposit will be returned to you.

With most secured credit cards, your credit limit equals your deposit. Here’s where the Shared One Secured Linkcard shines. If you qualify based on your credit rating, you can pay a lower deposit of $ 49 or $ 99 and still get a $ 200 credit limit.

And even if you don’t qualify for one of the lower deposits, you can get a minimum deposit of $ 200 to get the credit card. You can pay a higher deposit if you prefer. One Capital allows you to make a deposit of up to $ 3,000, but you must make the deposit before your account opens.

Once you are approved, you can use the credit card to start re-creating your credit history. Shared One automatically reports the history of your payment to the credit bureaus, so your credit card will wisely help you improve your credit so that you can qualify for better credit cards in the future.

If you make your first five payments on time, Shared One says there will be an automatic credit limit increase and you won’t have to pay an additional deposit to get it.




Many secured credit cards free of charge an annual fee, but not the Shared One Secured Linkcard.

The card has a steep April of 24.99 percent on purchases and cash withdrawals, but you will find this APR equal or higher on many credit cards aimed at consumers with poor, no or little credit. If you pay your balance in full each month and avoid cash advances, you will not have to pay interest on your balance.

Cash advances have a fee of $ 10 or 3 percent, whichever is larger. Late payments are subject to a fee of up to $ 35.



credit cards

It is important to understand that you cannot skip your monthly payment just because you have made a deposit. Think about how the deposit you pay for an apartment you rent.

The deposit is held in the event of damage, but you are still responsible for your monthly rent payment. As long as you pay your rent on time every month and the return the apartment without damage, you will get your deposit back.

While Shared One will only need you to make your minimum payment to keep your account in good standing, it is best to pay the balance in full to avoid interest and stay out of debt. Whether you are paying the minimum, the full balance, or something in between, make sure that it is always on time.

Maximum Credit Card Cancellation from the Branch

The consumer has the right to take legal action, as clearly stated in the regulations set by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

Good Credit currently has two separate channels that consumers can use for credit card cancellation transactions. Based on the cancellation of the credit card through these channels, the credit card is deleted from Good Finance records within a week and the credit limit rises again. Therefore, since it is a frequent situation, it is useful to know that the credit card is still active in the credit report within 1 week after the card cancellation and that the card will become passive after 1 week.

Maximum Credit Card Cancellation from the Branch

Maximum Credit Card Cancellation from the Branch

Good Credit branches are one of the channels authorized for credit card cancellations. In this context, credit cardholders can go to the nearest Good Credit branch with their ID cards to request for credit card cancellation and make the card passive.

When you go to the branch, a petition will be requested and this petition will be processed. The requirement to write a petition for credit card cancellations is a routine and must be implemented by each bank.

Credit Card Cancellation from the Internet

Credit Card Cancellation from the Internet

It is also possible to cancel credit cards through Good Credit’s internet banking. The first method for this is to use the Card Cancellation page under the My Credit Cards menu for consumers who have been a card used for a certain period of time. If this option is not active for you, simply click on the Contact button and create a satisfaction record regarding the cancellation of the credit card.

The satisfaction record will be assigned to a staff member on the next business day and the process will be started for the cancellation of the credit card in a very short time.

Consumers who request can call the call center to find out if a satisfaction record has occurred and ask for the event number to be able to follow up. The event number will be useful for speeding up the next conversations.

If the bank does not / does not cancel the card

As clearly stated in article 25 of the Banking Law No. 5664, consumers have the right to cancel their credit cards. If the bank does not cancel or cancel the credit card despite the request, a complaint may be filed with the relevant Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA). The BRSA will contact the bank in a very short time and request an investigation of the incident. How to close the maximum credit card?

Credit Card With Loan Is Closed?

Having a debit debt of the credit card is not an obstacle to the cancellation and there is no problem with the payments. If the payments are still being made for the purchases made before, in this case, it is not an obstacle for the cancellation of the credit card and it can be paid in the month in which the installment is due.

In other words, there is no problem such as a change in the payment plan for the future and the future, or that the consumer has to make mass payments due to this situation.

Online loan but no transfer to account

My account is taken by a bailiff, so all receipts are automatically taken. I need to take out a loan, I saw that they have good offers on the Internet, is it possible to get a loan but without a transfer to the account so that it is not taken?

Loan companies


Some loan companies meet their clients and bring cash to the address indicated.

However, you should be aware that this is an additional paid service, not the cheapest. Well, on the other hand, it’s probably better to use it than if it were to fall into the hands of the system. I have someone in my family who often takes out payday loans.

Companies lending from hand to hand


As far as I can remember, the provider brought him the cash. Interestingly, someone came from them every month to collect the debt? Now you know where such high costs come from. They just do everything themselves. There is a mass of companies lending from hand to hand, without bank transfers.

Many loan companies provide an ATM card with which you go to an ATM and withdraw funds accumulated on it. I think this is the most convenient option.  To – I have to worry you, online loans rely on transferring funds to a bank account. You want to handle, you have to go to some stationary point, which is bundled.

Withdraw money from an ATM

Withdraw money from an ATM

Some loan companies grant a loan by handing out a card to withdraw money from an ATM. This is a very convenient way because the card can be said to be used only once. After withdrawing cash from an ATM, the card ceases to be active.

I don’t remember what companies use this type of opportunity, but there is such a thing. I also encountered this, instead of money, I get a card for use at an ATM. For someone who has a bailiff above you does not need to – live cash goes to the handle. To the handle – in the facility.

There are various types of loan brokers that handle all formalities, the borrower remains to accept the terms and sign the contract. The money is usually paid on the spot or it is made it is as a colleague wrote above, issuing an ATM card on which the loan amount is specified.

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15,000 USD credit: cheap offers from direct banks

Finding financial service providers on the internet that offer loans over USD 15,000 is no problem. All banks are happy to grant loans of this amount. Borrowers can, therefore, choose from a variety of offers and should do so.

With 15,000 dollars, it is worth spending some time on a detailed loan comparison. Especially when long terms are chosen, even small interest rate differences make a big difference.

Larger measures can be financed with 15,000 dollars: motor vehicles, apartment renovations, expensive purchases such as furniture, or several existing old loans with unfavorable interest rates can be combined to save interest costs.

Many banks are now adjusting to their customers’ credit requests. Last but not least, the competitive pressure ensures that banks strive to find tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Make the most of the loan calculator

Make the most of the loan calculator

This credit comparison is provided by the financial service provider E-Money: Credit comparisons increase bank turnover and bring commission to portal operators.

On the other hand, they also offer significant benefits to loan seekers. The tools are free and non-binding and loan seekers can get a good overview of the conditions on the credit market in a matter of seconds.

Some consumers think they drive better if, after using the comparison, they do not issue the specific applications directly from the portal, but instead from the provider’s website. Because then the additional costs of the banks could be eliminated.

This may be the case in a few individual cases. But there are usually no differences in terms.

Sometimes loans made through comparison portals are even cheaper. On the other hand, a look at the bank’s website before concluding the contract cannot hurt, since only there the conditions of the loan are precisely described.

  1. 15,000 dollars are not a cardboard stick. Assess your performance by comparing all running costs to all income over a one-year period. Divide the difference by 12 and you know the maximum loan rate you can afford. You should do this before using a credit comparison.
  2. Play with the loan calculators. Enter different terms and amounts and see how much the monthly charge changes.
  3. The data obtained in this way are not realistic for credit-related interest rates, even if they can also be used as a guide. The loan calculators always assume the best possible conditions that hardly any borrowers receive. The information in the representative example is more realistic. External loan calculators make it easy to calculate the rate using these realistic values.
  4. In addition to low interest rates, pay attention to flexible side agreements: free special repayments, installment breaks, free total repayments.
  5. Find out on several loan calculators. Loan providers and conditions for loan offers are sometimes different. We provide information on some important comparison portals on a separate website.

For a 15,000 USD loan, the usual requirements for direct loans apply


Legal age with residence and account in Germany, regular income from permanent employment or as a pensioner (if the employment relationship is limited, at least the loan term must be covered), no trial employment relationship.

The self-employed only receive loans from direct banks in a few exceptional cases. Sufficient income is particularly important for a loan of this amount.

Is the free attachable income sufficient to cover the monthly payment? Banks have special guidelines for this, according to which they assess the performance of their customers.

The guidelines are often applied regardless of special circumstances in individual cases.


A borrower only pays a below-average rent for his apartment and foregoes a car because, in his opinion, he doesn’t need it.

Specifically, this increases the income available to pay the loan rate compared to the average of the other borrowers.

However, the bank may still apply the higher abstract lump sums.

Many direct banks require a co-signer from loan amounts of 10,000 dollars. It should be borne in mind that the co-signer is fully liable. The co-signing person must also sign a silent assignment of wages.

Residual debt insurance is optional, and borrowers shouldn’t let themselves be puffed up. They increase the costs considerably, in some cases even by 100 percent.

Inexpensive earmarked USD 15,000 loan

Installment loans can basically be used in any way. There are exceptions to so-called residential loans and also car loans.

Direct banks sometimes offer them as real, purpose-built loans with particularly favorable terms.

But sometimes there is only one show. Car loans, for example, are marketed on the same terms as normal installment loans.

In the case of genuine earmarked loans, evidence must be provided on a regular basis and special security may have to be provided.

Examples include the transfer of security for car loans and evidence of the contract of sale for a specific motor vehicle.

Here are some examples of providers of real purpose-built loans over 15,000 dollars (without claim to completeness, as of September 2018).

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