The credit rating algorithm developed for use in loan applications to banks has become a very important issue in daily life when it is also used frequently by various institutions that make futures.

In addition to being able to learn the credit rating of consumers, special subscription packages were prepared for companies and within this scope, it was made possible for each group to benefit from a special price offer. In this respect, it will be useful to mention how much the Good Finance credit note package fees, how to make inquiries and derivative issues.

Good Finance Credit Rating

Good Finance Credit Rating

Good Finance is actually the institution that has gathered and graded the credit records held by banks for years and prepared a more readable report on behalf of the consumer. In other words, Good Finance does not determine the credit rating, Good Finance merges only the credit records that banks already hold and creates a meaningful whole for the consumer.

In this respect, when there is a problem with the credit rating, it is necessary to know that the addressee is KKB, that is, the Credit Bureau.

Credit rating is required to take bank loans, make purchases in installments, buy promissory notes, etc. It is of great importance. It is important for everyone to know to what extent the responsibilities have been fulfilled in relation to the debt relationship entered in the past, and keeping the credit rating at a high level may mean that it has serious advantages.

Good Finance Credit Rating Fees

Good Finance Credit Rating Fees

Good Finance credit rating fees should be divided into two as individual use and commercial use.

Individual Package Fees

After the subscription to Good Finance, the prices of individual packages, which make sense to be preferred by consumers who want to regularly question their credit ratings, start at 5.50 USD per month.

Specially prepared for consumers who want to make inquiries 12 times a year, 5.50 USD per month to the Classic package, 8 USD monthly to the pets prepared for those who want to get notifications when they get a credit rating 12 times a year, 12 times a year and expert whenever they need it.

For those who want to consult their credit rating up to 3 times, the Gold Consultancy package is 8 USD per month, 12 times a year is required to receive notifications when the credit rating falls, and 3 times a month for the consumers who want to consult experts 3 times.

Commercial Package Fees

Commercial enterprises that want to purchase from Good Finance subscription packages to be used for corporate needs must purchase commercial packages in order to query the credit rating of different people.

Commercial enterprises that want to question the credit ratings of 100 different people per year should pay 295 USD per year including 12-risk reports and 12-index check reports. Commercial enterprises that need to make a higher number of inquiries can also contact Good Finance and request the creation of a special solution.

Can someone else’s credit rating be questioned?

Can someone else

It is not possible for consumers who purchase individual packages to question the credit score of a different person. Reports are delivered only to the person defined based on membership. Consumers who purchase commercial packages also have the right to question other people’s credit ratings within the package limits.