The consumer has the right to take legal action, as clearly stated in the regulations set by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

Good Credit currently has two separate channels that consumers can use for credit card cancellation transactions. Based on the cancellation of the credit card through these channels, the credit card is deleted from Good Finance records within a week and the credit limit rises again. Therefore, since it is a frequent situation, it is useful to know that the credit card is still active in the credit report within 1 week after the card cancellation and that the card will become passive after 1 week.

Maximum Credit Card Cancellation from the Branch

Maximum Credit Card Cancellation from the Branch

Good Credit branches are one of the channels authorized for credit card cancellations. In this context, credit cardholders can go to the nearest Good Credit branch with their ID cards to request for credit card cancellation and make the card passive.

When you go to the branch, a petition will be requested and this petition will be processed. The requirement to write a petition for credit card cancellations is a routine and must be implemented by each bank.

Credit Card Cancellation from the Internet

Credit Card Cancellation from the Internet

It is also possible to cancel credit cards through Good Credit’s internet banking. The first method for this is to use the Card Cancellation page under the My Credit Cards menu for consumers who have been a card used for a certain period of time. If this option is not active for you, simply click on the Contact button and create a satisfaction record regarding the cancellation of the credit card.

The satisfaction record will be assigned to a staff member on the next business day and the process will be started for the cancellation of the credit card in a very short time.

Consumers who request can call the call center to find out if a satisfaction record has occurred and ask for the event number to be able to follow up. The event number will be useful for speeding up the next conversations.

If the bank does not / does not cancel the card

As clearly stated in article 25 of the Banking Law No. 5664, consumers have the right to cancel their credit cards. If the bank does not cancel or cancel the credit card despite the request, a complaint may be filed with the relevant Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA). The BRSA will contact the bank in a very short time and request an investigation of the incident. How to close the maximum credit card?

Credit Card With Loan Is Closed?

Having a debit debt of the credit card is not an obstacle to the cancellation and there is no problem with the payments. If the payments are still being made for the purchases made before, in this case, it is not an obstacle for the cancellation of the credit card and it can be paid in the month in which the installment is due.

In other words, there is no problem such as a change in the payment plan for the future and the future, or that the consumer has to make mass payments due to this situation.