My account is taken by a bailiff, so all receipts are automatically taken. I need to take out a loan, I saw that they have good offers on the Internet, is it possible to get a loan but without a transfer to the account so that it is not taken?

Loan companies


Some loan companies meet their clients and bring cash to the address indicated.

However, you should be aware that this is an additional paid service, not the cheapest. Well, on the other hand, it’s probably better to use it than if it were to fall into the hands of the system. I have someone in my family who often takes out payday loans.

Companies lending from hand to hand


As far as I can remember, the provider brought him the cash. Interestingly, someone came from them every month to collect the debt? Now you know where such high costs come from. They just do everything themselves. There is a mass of companies lending from hand to hand, without bank transfers.

Many loan companies provide an ATM card with which you go to an ATM and withdraw funds accumulated on it. I think this is the most convenient option.  To – I have to worry you, online loans rely on transferring funds to a bank account. You want to handle, you have to go to some stationary point, which is bundled.

Withdraw money from an ATM

Withdraw money from an ATM

Some loan companies grant a loan by handing out a card to withdraw money from an ATM. This is a very convenient way because the card can be said to be used only once. After withdrawing cash from an ATM, the card ceases to be active.

I don’t remember what companies use this type of opportunity, but there is such a thing. I also encountered this, instead of money, I get a card for use at an ATM. For someone who has a bailiff above you does not need to – live cash goes to the handle. To the handle – in the facility.

There are various types of loan brokers that handle all formalities, the borrower remains to accept the terms and sign the contract. The money is usually paid on the spot or it is made it is as a colleague wrote above, issuing an ATM card on which the loan amount is specified.

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