I ask purely theoretically whether there is such a possibility that the bailiff may take money that will go to the bank account of the loan company (wants to take a temporary loan). You understand I would not like to lead to such a situation in which I will stay with the next debt, and I will not even see the money ?? 

Bailiff enforcement


As far as I know, probably only funds from 500+ are not subject to bailiff enforcement, the remaining ones are yes. There were also situations in which someone incorrectly carried out a transfer to an account occupied by a bailiff, who automatically took over the debts.

So, if such situations occurred, then answer the question of what would it look like in your case. The rule is simple: a bailiff can do anything while sitting on his property. And the account is not used, because later this type of flowers come out.

For me, bank accounts are a bit of a virtual entity. Normally, no one will take care of you from your socks, and from your bank account, various institutions can enter and rob the cash register in accordance with the law. Bank accounts should be unbreakable. This should be independent of other systems of entities. And the banking secret? What banking secret? Surveillance is progressing and is doing very well.

Bank accounts


You don’t know that the bank accounts taken by the bailiff are written off strategy Funny and scary at the same time. I worked, I also had a bailiff on my account. And the funny thing is that I didn’t even know what Kaman was about, I just log in one day and leave that I don’t have about USD 500 on my account.

I checked after the title who took what, how much and for what. Such flowers, this is how banking secrecy looks like in practice. It is not without reason that indebted people open bank accounts for so-called poles and thus use money.

This is a relatively new way, but quite effective. White gloves can work around the system and what will you do? As they say, the law is like a fence, the snake will slip, the tiger will jump over, or at least the cattle will not run away.

Consumer bankruptcy

Consumer bankruptcy

If someone has small debts, it is better to give up and not to pinch yourself. In the case of debts of millions, there is no other way than to declare consumer bankruptcy or another type of bankruptcy.

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